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Fees and their Discontents?

Question asked by anadyr on Mar 13, 2014
Latest reply on Mar 14, 2014 by anadyr

Sorry Sigmund, I could not resist borrowing. Please put out your cigar and let's talk.  As you said, our possibilities of happiness are restricted by the law, which in this case might be revenue enhancing fees.


Here is a list complied by me of fees that could be imposed:


  1. Talking to an Associate at check in rather than using mobile check-in:  ten bucks
  2. Smiling to a housekeeper:  five dollars
  3. Requesting a wake up call: Another fiver
  4. Taking too long in the shower:  Ten Samolians.
  5. Leaving your delivered newspaper at your doorstep and not picking it up when leaving:  A dollar
  6. Forgetting to turn off your TV when leaving the room: Ten smackers
  7. Having your patio door or slider open and heat/AC on at the same time:  Twenty bucks
  8. Using the WiFi to book a room at another hotel chain:  A Benjamin!
  9. Not holding the door open for a Concierge Lounge guest:  Five bucks, and
  10. Not complying with all stated and unstated rules regarding fees:  A saw buck (added to the other fees above)


Any more?