Fees...Hidden in plain view

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Scott McCartney, writer of The Middle Seat reports that

"Last year hotels took in an estimated $2.1 billion in fees, according to New York University's Tisch Center for Hospitality, Tourism and Sports Management. That's up 6% over 2012, says Tisch Center head Bjorn Hanson, because of new add-ons, higher prices and slightly higher hotel occupancy."


"Among the latest new fees: parking charges at suburban and airport hotels with open, unattended lots .At Las Vegas and some other resort destinations, some hotels have imposed early check-in fees for customers who arrive before the designated late-afternoon check-in time and want to use their room, assuming it's available. Caesars Palace charges $25 or more for early check-in, warning customers only when they list an expected arrival time on the hotel's website. Caesars declined to comment."


"In the last 18 months, some high-end MGM properties like Aria and Bellagio have started offering a guaranteed early check-in option to customers at $20 or $30. At Aria, another $30 fee gets you express check-in with no line waiting, and another $30 fee lets you pick three room preferences, such as high floor or low floor, near an elevator, smoking or connecting to another room."

Alas poor hospitality, I knew him well!