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Four Dollar Wednesday?

Question asked by anadyr on Mar 12, 2014
Latest reply on Mar 13, 2014 by anadyr

Here in the land of plenty (of taxes), aka California, we've just about nudging the four dollar mark for a gallon of regular unleaded gasoline (again).  Like those Marriott Rewards points that seem to have less value, so our driving around does too.


I checked on the real cost of driving my Tesla, and found that it costs about a dollar a gallon to charge at home (equivalent cost of electricity) and takes about three hours for a full charge. Charging stations, which are as numerous as carrier pigeons, might add a surcharge, like the one that is never used at the Walgreen  Pharmacy (at the corner of grumpy and costly) around the corner.

And if your Volt or Tesla ignites, then well, you get the picture. That's why we have insurance.right?

So question of the day:  what are you paying for regular gas a gallon these days?  I realize that we are getting the highest dollar per gallon cost and I want to feel good for me and bad for you all?

Wait, I only have a few hours until the Tesla S is again ready to go a couple hundred miles, if I am careful.