New to Insider, a few questions

Discussion created by parcaae on Mar 9, 2014
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Hi, as stated above, I am new to insider and would like to understand more fully on the Rewards.  Do you get points by using your Marriott Rewards Visa Card any where, or does it have to be only with their hotels or participating companies like other hotels, airlines, and car rentals?


What does it mean on the site when you are looking to get a room Marriott Reward Offers (MRO).  Does that mean you get points for selecting a room under that tab, or you can use your reward points for that room and if that MRO is not available for those nights, you cannot use those reward points?


Do you get reward points for staying one night, or does it have to be more than one night to get reward points? 


What if you stay at many Marriott's in different towns for a week, does that get you points (if the nights or only one night each stay)?

What is a reward blackout?


I am sure I will have more questions, but I appreciate any info I can get.  I have looked on the websites and I am a bit confused.  I feel the website is not designed very well.