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MVC points v. Rewards points v. paying website rates

Question asked by clebert on Mar 9, 2014

Spouse wants to go to Aruba next winter.  We have sufficient MVC points as well as sufficient MR points.  We also would consider paying whatever the website rates are and saving the MVC and MR points for something else.  Seems that a 1 BR at the resort in Aruba is "sold out" for the week we want if we use MVC points, and MVC said we could be put on a waiting list.  But that will tie up our MVC points so they cannot be used to reserve anything else, and if the Aruba wait list falls through we'll have to scramble to book a new location with only 2 months to do so.  This might make it hard to find an open MVC and/or decent airfare.  However, we can book the  1BR at the Aruba resort through the website paying its regular rates or even getting the MVC owner discounted rates.  Can anyone explain how MVC points work in this context?  Why would the Marriott website show available rooms when the MVC club website says the rooms are sold out?  Do they only allow a certain number of rooms to be rented using MVC points, and the rest are for weeks owners or those booking through the website and paying the website rates?  If that is the case, why allow me to book through and get a discount for being a MVC owner?  I don't have a deeded week at this resort, and I understand that Aruba might be a little different than the US resorts in that MVC is still selling deeded weeks rather than MVC points?  I only have points and am not trying to trade a week elsewhere for a week in Aruba.  Anyone have any insider knowledge about how this works?  I'd rather use MVC points than pay the website rate even though I do get a good discount.  Thanks in advance!