Athens, Greece

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Hi all,

Alas, I will not be going to Edinburgh THIS TIME.  We are currently in Maine enduring the n-teenth ice/snowstorm which is expected to make roads impassable tomorrow.  I checked Edinburgh for the next week and it looked like it would have been rain for most of when I was there.


Too much is too much, so I'm going back to Greece earlier than planned. Alas, I hoped to go to Santorini or Crete since I'm teaching a course on pre-classical Greece and it will be spring break, but while things are open, it's very limited.  Some entrepreneur out there needs to teach the Greek island people that Americans and Europeans will flock there for the low prices and great scenery if only things were open before mid-April.


So I'll be in Athens, and since I need to work at the Cycladic museum, the new Acropolis museum and other very downtown sides, I will sadly not be staying at my wonderful, favorite hotel, the formerly Marriott Athens Ledra (now just Athens Ledra).  I need to be close to everything including the train station to get to the Peloponnese during my six days.


So guess what -- Starwood got my business.  They still have hotels in Greece, including two of the best.  I'll be staying at the Grande Bretagne.


Not to worry people who have given me Edinburgh hints.  If my surgery goes well in the early summer I can do it then or in fall break.  It does break my heart not to be staying at the Ledra (and paying a lot more at the GB), but I just couldn't justify it with what I need to get done in 5 days.  When WILL Marriott get the Ledra (preferably) back or at least some hotels in Greece?  It does not seem to be a problem for other chain hotels.