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Marriott Vacation Club Owners Resale Program Cancelled ?

Question asked by athener on Mar 11, 2014

What happened to the Marriott Vacation Club Resale Program Owners were promised before they actually  purchased weeks at both Marriott Marbella Beach Club Spain and Marriott Son Antem Golf & Spa on the Island of Mallorca, Spain, Europe ?

A resale program should have started after 95% of all villas and/or apartments were sold at 25% less than the original purchase Price.  According to present pricelists more than 95% were sold out after now over 10 years,  but no weeks were repurchased by Marriott. We received registration numbers for our request to sell just 2 of our total of 9 weeks we purchased over 10 ears ago in Spain directly from Marriott in Orlando some 2 years ago but all our questions remained unanswered or a negative answer was given.  When, how and where at what price can we sell 2 weeks back to Marriott or other potential owners ?