United Airlines strikes again

Discussion created by ks77 on Mar 4, 2014
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Just read this article:




United claims that this new focus on bag enforement of current rules is to speed up the boarding process. So they are only increasing enforcement and are not motivated by making a few extra bucks? I don't believe that for a second. Bag size limits have been in effect for years and even after bag fees were introduced and people jammed carry on bags to try and avoid the fee, this really hasn't been the main cause for slow boarding. I am sure all of us can remember an occasion where we saw someone with a bag we personally knew would never fit in the overhead bin and we sit there watching some knucklehead struggle with it but the FA gate checks it, so what no big deal. IMHO the boarding process could really be sped up if incompetent and entitled morons wouldn't stop bucking the process. United has an overly complicated zone system but if GAs called zones they way they should EVERY time and not just sometimes, and more importantly those incompetent and entitled passengers would just FOLLOW DIRECTIONS and LISTEN, boarding would be faster and more efficient for everyone. Until $h!theads stop trying to board in group 1 and 2 when their BP clearly states group 5, the boarding will always be slow no matter how many zones you have or how good the GAs are or how small the bags are. Rant complete!