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Compatibility of site with tablets, both android and ipads

Question asked by madmax on Mar 4, 2014
Latest reply on Jun 25, 2014 by todd.nilson


Could you give us an update please on the progress (or lack thereof if there is no work order out at this time) of making the site more compatible with our tablet devices? Since I got my ipad air, it has never been compatible with the MR site but now I am even having issues with my Samsung android device. When I log in and try to go into my inbox, I only get the discussion topic with x number of comments but the comments do not show up. I have tried going through activity, home page and every other way I could think of to get to the discussion to reply but I get no comments showing up. Also, I cannot log out. The site has to stay open on my device and I am not real comfortable with that. Normally I would think it is something I am doing since I am very technically challenged and don't claim to be anything but that. However, since I have two completely different devices, and we have had some others who have voiced issues, I am wondering if these are the same problems others are having and if there is a solution in the horizon.

Any info would be greatly appreciated.