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Using point for others & 5th free night

Question asked by grace198 on Mar 1, 2014
Latest reply on Mar 3, 2014 by grace198

I  have Marriott credit card. My husband wants to get his own Marriott credit card so that he can get bonus points.

Here is my first question.


1.If he make a hotel reservation for me to redeem his points, is that possible or only the person who is the owner of that card can redeem the point for himself?

Because He can't go to trip with us.




As I know that,we can get 5th free night if we stay five nights according to instruction.

For using point,it says

The 5th night must be booked at the time of the reservation and applied in conjunction with the same stay.

But, for using cash + points it says like below.

'Every 5th redemption night is free when at least 5 nights are the same rate (either standard or PointSavers). The redemption nights do not need to be consecutive.'


Here is another question.


2. Does the same rate mean the US Dollar or point?


As I know that every hotel has a different price,but the redemption point is the same if we stay at the same level hotel(ex. level 2=10000)..

Because we plan to have trip for two weeks,but we will not sure that we might have consecutive 5 night stay  at the same hotel or not.


If the same rate mean the same level(the same point to redeem), then we think that we can find the hotel easily.




3. If we can get 5th free night, do we still require to stay consecutive 5 nights at different hotel like Monday to Friday?

What if we stay Mon to Wed at some Marriott hotel and stay Friday to Saturday at another Marriott hotel? Thursday is missing for those plan.

Can we still get 5th night on Friday even though it is not 5 nights consecutive stay?



Thank you!!