Marriott-Hilton Yearly Comparison

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After back-to-back years of 210+ nights at Marriott and Hilton, I now have reasonable data to compare the two programs in terms of "points-earning" power. Below is comparison of nights and dollars spent:


ProgramDatesTotal NightsTotal SpendDifference
Marriott Rewards2012-03-04 thru 2013-01-30212$26,673.00Delta $
Hilton Honours
2013-03-03 thru 2014-02-23


Below are the points earned under each program; Marriott offers a Megabonus and Hilton has their equivalent "Daily Grand Offer", both compared under the Megabonus heading.


ProgramPoints - TOTALBase PointsBonus on StayCredit CardMegabonusArrivalStatus BonusMisc
Marriott Rewards68058025922412961216924410000022500
Hilton Honours90895427670811246228543962000330001383451000


At the end of a year, Hilton earns points at approximately 122% the rate of Marriott if you do NOT count the credit card points. My CC points are not a fair comparison since I do nearly all of my personal spending on my Marriott Visa Premier (HH card is only for room payment). However, including CC points and the ratio goes to 134%.