Rules and rule-makers and Marriott Rewards

Discussion created by anadyr on Feb 28, 2014
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Ever wonder how decisions are made in a big company? I do and wonder who stands for status quo, who stands for devaluation, and who stands for increased valuation of points in a loyalty program like Marriott Rewards.


"What if?" I always say to myself; though I seldom listen to my inner voice. 


  • Is this purely a bottom-line decision (probably)  so that earned points are now worth less than they were a year ago?


  • Is there a chance that given the number of new members in a program, mostly unaware of the old system, that criticism and impacts will be tempered by the blend of new and old members (maybe).


  • Is there a lone voice appealing for status quo (who can say).



As we near the annual adjustment to categories time (based on historical precedents) I hope the lone voice is being heard.