I am interested in other people are frustrated with the computers in the business centers of Marriott Properties?

Discussion created by kchappelle on Feb 25, 2014
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Is anyone besides me seriously frustrated with the computers in the business centers at Marriott Properties?  The computer and the version of MS Office are frequently more than 10 years old.  The network connections are painfully slow.  Finally, whoever approved that UNIGUEST interface and the mandatory ASK.COM searches either knows nothing about computers or is a mole in your company planted by Hilton.  Also the restrictive policies that allow me to download email attachments but not be able to see them from any MS Office application makes the computer almost worthless.  As somebody who travels a lot on business, my input is that if you are going to have a business center, make the computers quick, current and usable.  Otherwise they just frustrate the user and in my case, make me wish I had stayed at one of your competitors.