Marriott who is crazy you or me ?

Discussion created by sacerdos15 on Feb 23, 2014

I was browsing on the website for possible summer vacation stays and I saw that your website makeup has been changed once more.I went to the destination part and sought out florida in particular the marco beach marriott.Suddently  a whole new setup appeared asking for arrival date and number of nights without asking checkout date.Then a calendar appreared .When I typed in the AAA discount and the senior rate they gave me the rates which were different from the rates they gave when I went back later.Curious I went to the Delray Beach location (where I am staying in March) to see iif the MMarco Island website was merely a fluke.It said no rooms were available.This by the way contradicls the hotels own website .Then I went month b;y month and found that no rooms were available up to and including January 2015!I did not go further.Stop trying to be always new it frustrates people and drives them away.