London, "Surprise" with Zukracer!

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You won't believe this one!


(If you have similar experiences of "Surprises" please let us all know)


Waiting to check into my room at London County Hall, I decided to take "Lady Coin" and myself to the CL.  There I could "Catch up on MRI activity because I was having "24 hour withdrawels" because of the lengthy flights.  As I sit there and started using the computer in the CL and friendly guy comes up and asks "Can I read the newspaper" that was next to me on the computer desk.  I said "Yes" of course, and thought, "That is a nice thing for that gentleman to ask, as I had no interest in that paper"!  Well a few minutes later he comes up to me again and asks, "Are you on the Marriott Web-site"!  I did not at first know how to answer, as there were only three of us in this CL at 3 PM, and I did not know who this guy was.  I then politely introduced myself and said "Yes", why do you want to know.  He then stated he was,




We both laughed a little and sat down and visited and had a wonderful conversation about the great qualities of MRI!  I must say, every MRI person I have met has been truly "Interesting"!  Zukracer is a "Seasoned traveler, with a great sense of humor, and real family man"!


We then met up later at the CL and had some real laughs over some comped liquids, "For Medicinal Purpose Only"!  Had more laughs and hoped we could again meet up somewhere and have a few more laughs and conversation.


What a "Surprise" to start out my stay on such a "High Note"!



Not many places you can sit and relax with a "New Found Friend" like I did with Zukracer at London County Hall.  A good time was had by all, and the staff was again "Superb" to us!


Thanks to all for a wonderful experience!