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Has anyone used a travel package for Marriott/United?

Question asked by erc on Feb 21, 2014
Latest reply on Apr 21, 2014 by iahflyr

With Insiders dropping like flies, alien Guests taking over the forum, and the current War of the Worlds technology battle, even though I can't start my Spring '15 Belgium trip planning until June, I thought I'd better ask now while answering participants are still around.


If you used a Travel Package (again, big thanks to tker) to convert Marriott points to a 7 day stay and United miles, (thanks to iahflyr for the recommendation) how long before your United miles were posted to your account?   Marriott reps say 3-4 business days, United reps are all over the board, and their web site says allow several weeks.


Background info

I will of course secure the hotel with points before pulling the trigger on the Travel Package and because of the one year life of the Travel Package certificate (a 15 month certificate would be a major enhancement to this vehicle, you could have each account credited and reserve on the first day of availabilityof each award) not initiate the Package until the first week of flight availability. Marriott can book 350 days out/United only 330. A delay in the posting of miles (unlike Marriott, UA doesn't allow reserving w/o the miles in your account) significantly reduces the odds of booking awards flights matching the hotel availability (which I would adjust if possible).



Heads up to the Belgium and European travel experts (psudad,profchiara newhiltonmembr pluto77  jerrycoin        fschumpert gm1 et al.)  next question coming around the Ides of March - train travel from Brussels and/or Ghent to Bruges, Paris, and possibly Cologne and/or Amsterdam. Once again I'll be copying a technique learned from jerrycoin, the direct contact with the Concierge Managers (for which I'll utilize The specified item was not found.'s research skills).


Thank you for your assistance Insiders. Keep on keepin' on because Search is not always our friend!