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Question for MR Chase Card Members...

Question asked by vaboywnder on Feb 20, 2014

Last week I received my 2014 Platinum Renewal Mailing which included a note from JW Marriott, Jr.  The first paragraph of the note reads


"I am delighted to renew your Marriott Rewards Platinum Elite status for another year.  Your 2014 membership card and brochure come with my sincere appreciation for your loyalty as Marriott Rewards Credit Cardmember"

During 2013 I had a total of 54 nights on my account (including credit card nights).  Also in the last several years I have well been under the 75 required nights to renew Platinum but have been averaging about 50 nights each year and continued to renew at Platinum.  Obviously Marriott sees that I'm a loyal customer and wants me to keep my business as I've been a Marriott Rewards Member since 1994.


It does strike me odd that the renewal letter makes reference to me being a loyal "Marriott Rewards Credit Cardmember".  Perhaps I've been renewed as a Platinum member each year because I have the Marriott Rewards Chase Card.  I've read some discussions on other travel sites where some reward members have been renewed at Platinum and had stayed less than 40 nights.


It would appear that Marriott Rewards have some unpublished criteria for renewing its Elite member benefits.  Is having the Chase Marriott Rewards Card a factor?  Are card members automatically getting renewed as Gold/Platinum?


If your a Marriott Chase Card Member who got renewed as Gold/ Platinum for less than the required 50/75 nights how many nights did you stay in the previous year?  Perhaps we can crack the secret Marriott Code at Renewals.