10HR 15M Layover LHR Suggestions, Please.

Discussion created by painedplatinum on Feb 20, 2014
Latest reply on May 20, 2014 by sg1974

It's time for my Insider friends to lend ole Pain a hand. It appears that I have a two week Abu Dhabi trip coming up in the middle of May. I did a little chatting with my travel agent and worked in a 10HR 15M layover at London Heathrow on May 23. I'll be getting into LHR at 6:40AM and depart at 4:55PM.

If we figure an hour to get off the plane, through customs, and into the airport AND wanting to be back at LHR with 2 1/4 HR before departure...that leaves about 7 HRs to see some sights.


Okay gang  (jerrycoin, arkwright, chrisf, sg1974) and all the other London experienced travelers out there...let's hear a suggestion or two.