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Honeymoon to Canary Island using Marriott and Delta rewards, Help!!!!

Question asked by j5worm on Feb 18, 2014
Latest reply on Feb 18, 2014 by jerrycoin

I was recently married and we are now trying to plan out honeymoon to the Canary Island, the Marriott resort there is the Abama Golf and Spa Resort using our Mariott points and delta miles. We're hoping to go in May, but trying to plan it has been such a hassle.. and we need help or tips from you guys.


- Has anyone been to the Abama before? thoughts?

- Whats the best bang for your bucks using rewards? I've read a few things and it seems to be the Travel Packages, but they also seem to be hard to figure out how to get the flight rewards working with the Marriott rewards.
- Is there an easy step by step guide to tell us how to go about booking all of this using as many as our points as possible.


We'd really be awestruck and would love it if we could get flight and lodging all on points, and I think we may be able to but if we had to pay for one flight we'd still be pretty happy. To give you an idea, and please let us know if we're dreaming and not being realistic,we have about 475,000 Marriott points and a little over 127,000 miles with delta.


Thoughts, ideas, help, advice would all be appreciated. Thanks in advance!