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THANN Amenities - Our Opinion and Your Opinion

Question asked by theebdk on Feb 13, 2014
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Perhaps you stayed at a Marriott hotel recently or saw the press release about their new amenities line.  Marriott has partnered with THANN to bring the Aromatic Wood Collection. The collection is now available in all North America and Latin America properties.


In the middle of my recent stay at the Vancouver Marriott, I was switched from the old to the new.  Frankly I have had mixed emotions.  After all I stay at Marriott properties between 50 - 100 nights a year and it is a bit like home.  And since I never travel with shampoo these amenities are important.  But to be frank, I lack the expertise in beauty product being a middle aged man.  So I decided to solicit the advice of a beauty guru; my teenage daughter. This is a review of the THAAN products.


So first, what comes with the new line.  There are six items; hand wash, aromatherapy shower gel, aromatherapy shampoo, aromatherapy conditioner, aromatic wood body lotion, and rice bran oil soap bar.  They all seem to be tied together with orange, tangerine, and a wood like fragrance.  Let me start our review with the most interesting:


Soap Bar - The shape makes this the most interesting as it is not your usual bar of soap.  Rather it fits into your hand like a tool.  One of my co-workers called it a shiv as in a prison shiv.  You are given one bar so how do you decide if it is a hand bar or body bar? It is a body bar in my opinion as we shall discuss in a minute.  Hint: They got rid of the dish to put the soap into.  Overall does a good job of cleaning without drying your skin.


Hand Wash - I have always wondered why the vast majority of Americans use soft soap at work and in their homes but the hand bar is still offered in the hotel.  After all, haven't we moved away from the clumpy mess of a wet soap bar in the "Petri" dish?  This hand wash is perfect as a soft soap alternative. 

Shower Gel - Seems very similar to the hand wash.  Neither my daughter or I used this product so we cannot review. 

Shampoo and Conditioner - This is where my knowledge falls flat so this will be 100% my daughter's opinion.  She usually uses Pantene and after the test still prefers Pantene.  The THAAN product is ok.  The Pantene just smells better and makes her hair softer.


Body Lotion - In my opinion (male talking) the lotion is one of the most important things.  A dry hotel room with the heater cranked up in the winter will make you feel like an alligator with dry skin. I like the lotion except for the smell.  To borrow a phrase from a co-worker; I feel like I just went through a wood chipper.  It has a very woodsy smell.  Which is interesting because I do not see wood in the listing of ingredients; must be that mysterious "fragrance".  I prefer it to the old lotion which really stunk of citrus.


Overall I applaud Marriott for making the switch.  It must be difficult to satisfy both men and women with one line.  What do you think of the THANN line?