Excellent Service at the Front Desk

Discussion created by phctourist on Feb 16, 2014
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During my recent trip to Europe almost everything done by Marriott was outstanding.


One minor glitch occurred, however, in the restaurant at the Rive Gauche Marriott, on Sunday evening, February 2nd.  We ordered water, wine and food while the restaurant was quite empty.  Shortly afterwards a very large group of customers entered and our waiter seemed more interested in them than in my table.  We were getting terrible service from our waiter and he would not bring us either our wine or our water, let alone, our food.  When I approached him, he blew me off saying he was busy.  People who arrived after we had placed our order were being served and there we sat, waiting.  No manager seemed available so I went to the lobby and approached Frederick, on the front desk.


Frederick immediately took charge of the situation and found a manager, Sonia D.  Within minutes, our wine and water was served.  Not long after that our food arrived.  Frederick, deserves recognition for the excellent way that he turned around a difficult situation.  Sonia, also deserves recognition for the way she took control of our situation, in the dining room.


This is the kind of service I have expected and usually received during my 50 years as a customer of Marriott.