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police called & criminal charges filed...all over credit card stored without permission!!!

Question asked by melissa7268 on Feb 14, 2014
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Sept. 2012, my husbands employer requested my assistance in locating a hotel for a coworker, the company was treating the fellow worker & her family to a paid mini vacation. To Williamsburg, va. They needed a room that could handle handicap accommodations, as the coworkers adult daughter is handicap& confined to wheelchair. Because I myself have worked in hospitality industry for 17 years, a lot of friends request my assistance. The Residence Inn Williamsuburg, Va, had availability. I notified the res. agent, that this was not for myself, as I had already answered yes, that I am a rewards member. I told the agent that the company would be covering the charges, all I was doing was locations a property, I would then have my husbands boss finish the reservation herself. The agent said, we can email. Credit card authorization to YOU, you can then forward to Whomever will be taking care of the charges, and they can fax back to property their self. OK! Seemed fine. When the email came, I forwarded to my husbands boss. She completed the reservation form, and faxed to Williamsburg, VA. Residence Inn herself. This should be end of story. June 2013, I made reservations for Best Friend & her 2 little children to Ocean city maryland,Courtyard, Marriott. she had a rough year & needed some time to relax. I offered to cover the expense. the hotel emailed me a credit card authorization, this was 2 weeks before stay. For over years, I had my credit card stored on my rewards profile. only 1 card, same card, in fact never had I changed anything, except exp. date when new card would arrive. So when credit card authorization arrived for my friends stay, I looked over form, all seemed in order. Now credit card author. Forms, ONLY list last 4 digits, of card, and exp. date. As well as card holder name & address. All info seemed fine. I sent form back, 2 weeks later my friend arrived, was checked in with no issue. The following morning, local police came to her & said they had been contacted by a Company ( Heritage XXXXX) My husbands co. Said their card was used, and that card company said it was at Courtyard There in Ocean City, the company reported this as fraud, as they did not have any employee staying. When police contacted me, I was in total shock. I said that is my husbands employer, it is not their card on file, it is my own. to which I soon learned was not the case, It appears when revs, was made for Sept. 2012 stay @ Willimaburg, va, Residence Inn, manager there ( Meghan S. stored the card under my profile, and placed in under the PREFERRED CARD position! my own card! now in 2 nod position. worst part was, when is logged into my reward account, I was not able to remove card. I had to contact manager in the Member Rewards, department, Mr. John L. he himself had to find a way to remove it. I contacted the corp. office of Marriott, who at first seemed concerned, but later that changed when they learned manager had evicted my friend. The manager @ Courtyard in Ocean. City maryland! wanted cash for the entire stay, and even after learning that the company card had been store to my reward profile by mistake, the manager refused to use any card unless card holder was physically present. there was no way, without the use of a credit card to pay for the charges. So my friend was evicted & escorted by police out of hotel. A few later, I received court documents from Maryland Court, seems criminal charges had been filed against myself, for the cost of hotel stay, ALL three days! PLUS CRIMINAL charges for " disclosing credit card" information without authorization. IT WAS NOT I that stored or disclosed any credit card info. IT was RESIDENCE inn that had/ stored information. Many times I contacted Marriotts corp. office, no action has been taken. so I then contacted the Consumer Protection Agency, and PCI( payment card industry data security standards) Marriott has violated standards for Merchants that accept cards, they had no permission to place that card under my personal reward profile. Nor was I ever notified. so be careful, If your company ever covers a hotel stay, or you make reservations for a friend , be careful , their credit card info. May just end up under your profile. And you may just find yourself facing criminal charges for credit card fraud. THANKS MARRIOTT & MEGHAN S., as my court date soon approaches! I am sure local newspaper will be able to provide un update to this story! and Marriott is now going to need to answer to the violations of payment card industry data security standards. I pray this never happens to another guest.