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Annoyed with other people's hair.....

Question asked by tcparsons on Feb 6, 2014
Latest reply on Mar 5, 2014 by sledchick

As a woman with long, thick hair (and a thyroid condition), I constantly battle runaway hairs in my personal life.  I've been known to hang a handful on the shower wall when conditioning (my husbands biggest pet peeves).  Little bitty balls of my tangled tress mess have been known to scare a child or two after they've pulled their shirt over their head and have looked down to find a "spider hair ball" stuck to the front of them.  And I'm constantly asking co-workers and family members to please help me with hairs that are stuck to my backside.


HOWEVER, when I check into a hotel room and find OTHER people's hairs....I get creeped out!  Now, one or two, here or there, I can understand and even shake my head with a smirk, sympathizing with the owner of those lost locks.  But when I look down at the bathroom floor in the hotel room where I will be living for the week (remote worker) and see hundreds....ok, maybe in reality, 20 or so.....I am DISGUSTED!  This happens in upscale hotels and the lower end hotels.  Do housekeepers not MOP a bathroom floor anymore??  What the heck?  And do I start taking a picture of the issue and bring it to the hotel staffs attention?  I'm thinking of bringing a Swiffer with me when I travel.


Am I the only one??  Thanks for allowing me to vent!