Army Uniforms

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Old age and a poor memory prevents me from knowing whether I posted this photo from July 1969 on Insiders before. Fresh out of Fort Benning and Fort Holabird, just a 2LT with little Army experience, but in spite of all that, my father decided that I would be the Grand Marshall for the Independence Day parade.


I borrowed my sister's Mustang convertible and drove off to the parade, where I was then seated on the very uncomfortable top of the convertible's tonneau cover for a couple miles down Brownsville Road in the little Boro of Brentwood, a suburb of Pittsburg PA. An inebriated WWII vet, a VFW member drove me around, somewhat erratically, but at only two miles per hour.


We were a working class bunch, and the families all knew someone serving in the military, most of them in Souteast Asia. No protestors, no heckling, a lof of rendered salutes as I passed, all of which I returned.


Wish I were that thin again, and of course, that young too. PS I still have the cap, and the insignia, but not the polyester short sleeved outfit.