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Tagging of insiders, messaging, location tags, and the rules and regs of MRI?

Question asked by tomd68 on Feb 8, 2014
Latest reply on Oct 5, 2015 by jojozimm

I've been using Marriott Rewards Insiders for a couple years now and can't seem to figure out some of the quirks of the site.


1. When someone responds to one of my posts, and the site emails me to my gmail account, can I reply to that email and will that person receive the response?


2. How do I tag someone in a post?  I've seen this all over MRI, but when I try it, typing in an insiders tag, it's just text, and not a hyperlink to them; i.e. kharada46 just shows up like that- no html features.


3. Logging into MRI is a pain.  When I get an email updating me on something happening with MRI, I click the link and am then taken to the specific page of the site.  If I want to reply, comment, or otherwise engage, I have to click "sign in" which takes me out to the site to log in.  Once I've done that, I have to re-navigate to the page I was on, either by finding the post inside the site, or by going back to the email that started my interest. Then I have to click sign in again, which takes me to right back to that page, but now I'm logged in.  Is there something I can do to keep me forever logged into MRI?


4.  There seem to be a million location tags and not all get me to the one which then prompts me to enter a location, brand, and hotel.  I was commenting on a post about Hawaii, tried to find the right tag for Marriott's Kauai Lagoons, but found 1. Kauai, Hawaii USA; 2. Lihue, Kauai, Hawaii, USA; 3. Hawaii, Kauai,; 4. Lihue/Kauai, Hawaii, USA; 5. Hawaii, USA; etc.  Is there a certain nomenclature that MRI could set up so that we're all standard and will make location tagging easier?


5.  What are the rules for posting of hyperlinks, pictures, or videos here on MRI?  In my blog series Viaggi a Roma! I posted a photo I had taken of Michelangelo's David.  I received an email from MRI stating that the censors didn't like my post.  It didn't say what was wrong, but I assume it was because the picture was taken in the Academy Museum in Florence where they have a rule against such photography.  Or was it because the statue is "nude" and there might be a rule against that?  There is another statue of David in a plaza near by.  Would a photo of that have been okay?  What about using one from the internet?  Is wikipedia a legal source of photos or is that against some copyright?  What about posting of videos or links from youtube, or general hyperlinks to internet pages?  As for my post about my trip to Rome, someone who follows me saw it, commented, but then could no longer find the post later.  I could find it from my page, but it was no longer listed in the blog list here on MRI.  I removed the likely offending photo, replacing it with one from the internet, and now the 4th installment of Viaggi a Roma! is again visible, at least so far.


6. Finding Hotel reviews:  Typing in a search term will sometimes then disappear, or if it stays in the search box, clicking "Find Hotels" doesn't do anything sometimes, clearing the search box. For instance, try typing in "Rome."  That will bring up an offer of "Rome, Rome, Italy."  Clicking search results in a blank search box again.  However, if I use just "Rome, Italy," several hotels show up.  I believe it has to do with the naming conventions discussed in question 4 above.  Do we need to use only a specific way of listing the city, city and state, or city, state, and country?  Are some reviews only searchable if one uses the same convention that the reviewer used?  Can these be consolidated for easier searching?


Lots of questions here that I've been piling up in the back of my brain, but I'd appreciate some guidance.