Traveling to Hawaii in winter months

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More and more, there are less and less (U.S.) airlines to choose from, and along with that, much can depend on your to and from.  It seems they have us held over a barrel, and they know it.  And don't care.  A lot of folks don't have options, but for those who do, best to stick with airlines and routes that have the best on-time ratings.


I also try to avoid air travel during winter months and take southern routes whenever possible.  And live and learn (avoid ORD, JFK, DEN, BKG).  Of course, it's easier for me because I live in the westernmost part of the SW where summers are relatively mild.  I've been fortunate that way and it's been good so far.  But then too, not all of these delays and cancellations are necessarily a result of weather.


We want to fly.  What else can we do?  We are not all John Travolta!