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Hot Dog's in Paris?

Question asked by jerrycoin on Feb 6, 2014
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Recently, I shared a photo with MRI about a wonderful "Hot Dog" event near the AdT in Paris, and it was wonderful.  Just a "Hot Dog" on The C-E, and it reminded me of home.



Not too long ago our good contributor, KH, went to Paris on his Honeymoon, and talked about the "High Prices" of many fine dining places.  I had not really noticed that in the past, but go "Sticker Shock" when attempting to book dinner reservations for my upcoming trip in May.  Get a look at these "Recommedations" for dinner, and especially the costs!


It looks like I may be dining on "Hot Dogs" from street vendors on my upcoming trip!


Having only been to Guy Savoy's, do you have any knowledge of any of these dining places!


Here is what I would like to share with you!



Hi Mr. Morgan,


I hope you are enjoying your day! I apologize for the delay, there have been a lot f computer issues today. I have gathered the information on the restaurants in Paris that have received 3 Michel Stars. These are the restaurants that I feel you would enjoy most! Please take a look over them and let me know what you think. I am more than happy to secure a couple of reservations for your trip! I will be in touch in March regarding La Tour d’Argent. Have a great day and I will be in touch when I am back in the office on Friday. Options are below!


All The Best,



Chef: Bernard et Mathieu Pacaud

Address: 9 pl. des Vosges F - 75004 Paris 04

Distance: 1km

Phone: 0142785145


Opening Times: Closed Sunday and Monday, also 02 March - 18 March, 27 July - 27 August

Meal Prices: Carte: 200€/265€

Cuisine: Classic

Remarks: Ambrosia was the food of the gods on Mount Olympus. Without question, the cuisine of Bernard and Mathieu Pacaud - two generations working together - reaches similar heights with its explosion of flavours, scientific approach, and perfect execution. Incomparable classicism and an immortal feast for the senses in the regal setting of a private house on Place des Vosges.


Le Meurice

Chef: Yannick Alléno

Address: 228 r. de Rivoli F - 75001 Paris 01

Distance: 1.9km

Phone: 0144581055


Opening Times: Closed on Saturdays during 02 march - 17 march, 27 july - 26 august

Meal Prices: 115€ (lunch) / 280€ - Carte: 200€/350€

Cuisine: Creative

Remarks: The restaurant, located at the very heart of the famous luxury hotel, embodies all you can imagine of a grand restaurant in the French style. The eminently luxurious dining room draws its inspiration from the royal apartments at Versailles. Waiters with their silver trays perform a true ballet in order to satisfy their guests, while the cuisine is one of noble excellence and timelessness.



Chef: Alain Passard

Address: 84 r. de Varenne F - 75007 Paris 07

Distance: 2.5km

Phone: 0145514733


Opening Times: Closed Saturday and Sunday

Meal Prices: 130€ (lunch) / 350€ - Carte: 190€/270€

Cuisine: Creative

Remarks: Precious woods and a Lalique inspired decor provide the backdrop for the dazzling vegetable inspired cuisine of this culinary genius. He creates his astonishing dishes from organic produce grown in his three vegetable gardens!



Chef: Christian Le Squer

Address: 8 av. Dutuit (carré Champs-Élysées) F - 75008 Paris 08

Distance: 3km

Phone: 0153051001


Opening Times: Closing: 27 July - 18 August, Saturday.

Meal Prices: 98€ (lunch) , 210€ - 310€ incl. drinks - Carte: 170€/255€

Cuisine: Creative

Remarks: This neo-Classical pavilion is located within the gardens of the Champs-Élysées. Superb setting, luxurious decor and a remarkable dining experience. Christian Le Squer champions cuisine that is unpretentious yet cooked to perfection. An incomparable and intense pleasure for the senses.



Chef: Eric Frechon

Address: 112 r. Fg St-Honoré F - 75008 Paris 08

Distance: 3km

Phone: 0153434340


Opening Times:

Meal Prices: 130€ (lunch) / 280€ - Carte: 145€/320€

Cuisine: Modern

Remarks: The Bristol‘s restaurant underwent a transformation in 2011. The bright dining room overlooking the garden boasts a restrained, distinguished elegance in which the glamour of the 18C shines forth. The virtuosity of Éric Fréchon‘s classic cuisine bears witness to his freedom of expression with regard to great tradition. He creates dishes that are fresh and endowed with the finest flavours!


Alain Ducasse au Plaza Athénée

Chef: Christophe Saintagne

Address: 25 av. Montaigne F - 75008 Paris 08

Distance: 3.5km

Phone: 0153676500


Opening Times: Closing: 02 August - 26 August, Monday lunch, Tuesday lunch, Wednesday lunch, Saturday, Sunday

Meal Prices: 380€ - Carte: 200€/340€

Cuisine: Creative

Remarks: The sumptuous regency décor has been redone with a mind to design and organza. Inventive dishes from a talented team coached by Ducasse and 1001 selected wines: the palatial life!


Pierre Gagnaire

Chef: Pierre Gagnaire

Address: 6 r. Balzac F - 75008 Paris 08

Distance: 4km

Phone: 0158361250


Opening Times: Closing: 01 August - 31 August, Saturday, Sunday.

Meal Prices: 110€ (lunch) / 280€ - Carte: 285€/380€

Cuisine: Creative

Remarks: The restaurant‘s chic and restrained contemporary decor is in complete contrast to the renowned inventiveness of this famous chef.


Guy Savoy

Chef: Guy Savoy

Address: 18 r. Troyon F - 75017 Paris 17

Distance: 4.5km

Phone: 0143804061


Opening Times: Closing: Monday, Saturday lunch, Sunday.

Meal Prices: 315€/ 490€ - Carte: 170€/300€

Cuisine: Creative

Remarks: Guy Savoy, a generous and aesthetic chef, defines cooking as "the art of transforming ingredients that are full of history into joy"! The mental landscape of his cuisine reveals simplicity and sophistication, childhood memories and invention, and it is unapologetically tasty and rigorously executed. N. B. this exceptional restaurant will be moving in 2013 - to the Hôtel de la Monnaie, in the centre of Paris.



Chef: Pascal Barbot

Address: 4 r. Beethoven F - 75016 Paris 16

Distance: 4.5km

Phone: 0140508440

Website: There is no website for this restaurant

Opening Times: Closing: 27 April - 13 May, 27 July - 26 August, Saturday, Sunday.

Meal Prices: 70€ (lunch), 120€ - 210€

Cuisine: Creative

Remarks: No menu or à la carte choices in this restaurant, where chef Pascal Barbot produces a different ‘surprise menu’ at each sitting. Sample the inventive cuisine of a chef at the height of his art, who focuses on excellent ingredients and creative flair. An unforgettable culinary experience.


Le Pré Catelan

Chef: Frédéric Anton

Address: rte de Suresnes F - 75016 Paris 16

Distance: 7.5km

Phone: 0144144114


Opening Times: Closing: 03 March - 18 March, 04 August - 26 August, 27 October - 04 November, Monday, Sunday.

Meal Prices: 95€ (lunch), 195€ - 250€ - Carte: 212€/282€

Cuisine: Creative

Remarks: Based on classic recipes that pay homage to the local produce, Frédéric Anton‘s inventive cuisine is perfectly accomplished. Each dish is a masterpiece, to be enjoyed to the full amid a magnificent decor of white and silver in the heart of the Bois de Boulogne.