Crisis management at Birmingham Marriott, Alabama.

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I was a guest at the Birmingham Marriott, Alabama from Jan 25th, 2014.On Jan 28th, I was going to check out to return to California.

At noon time when I came to the front desk , I saw a rapidly growing line and local residents talked about staying. Outside I saw the perfect storm of the American Southeast developing right in front of my eyes.Manager Eve W. told me not to leave yet, advised me to call the airline , then I found out all flights out of Birmingham were canceled.Manager  Eve allowed me to extend my stay since I had not checked out yet. The next 48 hours I witnessed a total paralyzed city, and thousands of cars stranded and choked the road.Same number of people looking for refuge. Birmingham Marriott sheltered all comers , and even food was provided for free. This is the kind of Marriott Hospitality that I read in Mr. Bill Marriott's book placed in the hotel drawer.

This experience made me a believer in Marriott forever.