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Hi all,

It's 5-0 nothing now (what a bizarre starting score), but I am most assuredly rooting for the Seahawks (who have the 5).  Denver people, please understand I think you're city is lovely, though I've only been there once.  But I think Seattle is one of the greatest cities in the US.  And that has absolutely nothing to do with my pick.  As a Pats fan, I might be accused of rooting for Pete Carroll.  Not so -- he was deplorable as coach when he was in New England.


When I realized way back before I graduated high school and knew I wanted to be a sports writer, I had become an enormous fan of the NHL, and even was an usherette at the old Spectrum in Philly so I could get into Flyers' games free.  Those were the good ole days, and I came to understand sports as teamwork.  The Broad Street Bullies were not such bullies in their first years (with Bobbie Clarke and Bernie Parent that would be ridiculous).  At the same time, I listened from Philly on radio every night to WBZ in Boston to the Bruins' games in their great years (Orr, Esposito, Sanderson).  And I came to understand what teamwork meant in creating a winner.  The Flyers surprisingly won sometimes, but the Bruins more so, because they had the ultimate of teamwork and talent.


I remember at the same time deploring the Chicago Blackhawks for what they did not have, i.e. teamwork. They had Bobby Hull.  He made a big splash all the time -- mostly for himself -- but in those days they rarely went far.


To me, my Pats (I've been a fan since moving to New England in 1976 (the bad ole days, but I am no fair weather fan), but the teamwork part began with Belichick and Brady) are the epitome of it, since Brady has taken pay cuts repeatedly to try to keep players under the cap.


But enough of my Pats -- Denver and Manning beat them fair and square. On to next year.  But while watching that game, alone, as I always do, since I am not fit for human companionship during a major football game -- I kept yelling at the screen "GET INTO MANNING'S HEAD."


I say that because I've seen it many times in postseason.  Get to him through sacks, picks, or foiled plays, and suddenly his team often crumbles. The Pats, sadly, were not able to do it this year.  I'm a big believer in psychology when it comes to sports, so while Tom Brady has bad games, he doesn't crack when things go wrong -- the prior Denver game when we were down 24-0 at the half and ended up winning proves that.  But just look at Peyton Manning's face when things start to go the other way.  He DOES get down.  And when he is most of the team(Denver fans, feel free to dispute me here) that will not bode well.


BTW -- it's now the equally bizarre score of 8-0.


Short answer to this rambling (but I think coherent) message is that I have nothing against Denver and not much for Seattle (except for a city I love), but I like teamwork in any professional sport I follow.  I never want and never will root for a Bobby Hull (boy am I dating myself!) or Peyton Manning team.  Some will challenge me with Brady's fame, but everyone on the Patriots and who reports on them always say he is first man in, last out, and always, even when injured coaches his subs (like Matt Cassell a few years back -- the same year Brett Favre said it was not his job to teach Aaron Rodgers how to be a QB ).


As for Indianapolis, now that Peyton is gone, I am all for a team with Andrew Luck.  He seems good and team-oriented and will be a challenge in the future.


Finally, I don't loathe Peyton Manning -- I just don't like what he seems (to me) to stand for -- himself and self-promotion.  His brother Eli, who if I'm not mistaken has won more Super Bowl rings, usually at NE's expense, does not strike me that way at all.


Sorry all.  Once in a great while I need to express that longing I had to be a sportswriter in 1970.  This is no example of that, just ramblings.  But go Seahawks!

Cheers, ProfC