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By Popular Demand: What is The Best Thing About Your Hometown?

Question asked by anadyr on Jan 29, 2014
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What is the nicest thing you can say about where you live or were born?


I was born in a suburb of Pittsburgh, the Steel City, long ago (middle of the last century in fact) in the final six months of WWII.

Our little town, called Brentwood Borough, was a homogenous place, everyone knew everyone, the Catholic Church was the anchor for lots of folks, husbands went to work, wives stayed home to keep house and watch the kids.  Our two story house was yellow brick, had an unpaved street, and the neighborhood was full of kids my age. We all did things together, sometimes as friends, sometimes as competitors. My Dad was in the dairy business (not milking cows but selling their products), did not have a car at first due to rationing. Mom was not working for the British Air Commission, where she had been since 1940, due to my arrival.


We walked over three quarters of a mile to schools, up a hill and then back down. Neighbors helped neighbors, doors were always unlocked, car keys left always in the ignition of parked cars, and police were there to lean against their squad cars, not much more. 


My high school class was very small, all white, mostly Protestant, and filled with a variety of characters who've gone on to live interesting lives.  Almost all the guys (myself included) did time in the military, none of us ended up in jail (that I know of), and everyone has been married (at least once) in the last 50 years. In school we were all equal, no one was better than anyone else, richer, but some where better looking however!


So what I liked best about my hometown was that there I had a good childhood in a setting that even Donna Reed and Beaver Cleaver would have envied, one filled with good memories, excellent adventures, and most of all, a feeling of safety and comfort, things long gone for me and many others.