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What is the one thing you do NOT like about your hometown?

Question asked by anadyr on Jan 28, 2014
Latest reply on Mar 11, 2014 by jerrycoin

We all live in a place we call paradise, right? (or wish we did).  Name one thing, if you can that bugs you about your domicile, and no--family members are to be reserved for another post.


Here's mine:  Monterey is a media wasteland: the local paper is printed in San Jose, weighs about an ounce and is avoided by most pet birds, though it often lines their cages.  It is a virtual soup of ads, reprints from AP, and stories that make no sense to locals. 

In addition, our TV stations are comingled, there's an NBC and ABC station that have the same news, almost as vacuous as the printed paper, and another that actually covers most of Central California, pretending to care about Monterey. 

DSCN1658.JPGSo if it weren't for the internet and cable TV news we'd be in a media blackout all the time.  We often joked that it there were a nuclear bomb or meltdown (God forbid) somewhere on the East Coast, the local media would lead with "Monterey Couple Injured in Blast" as their lead story and headline.


And so it goes, all the news that's fit to print is apparently being printed somewhere else, but we can still play Angry Birds on our smarter than us phones.


What makes you mad/sad/mystified by your hometown?