Thermostat override

Discussion created by ks77 on Jan 28, 2014
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Hey Marriott Insiders,


Ever been in a room that is just not getting as cold as you would like? Here is a "cool" tip to help you out next time. If your room is equipped with a INNCOM thermostat (and from my travels every Marriott property I have been to has one) this should help you out.


Here is how you do it:


1. Press and hold "Display" button

2. Push "OFF" button (while still holding down "Display")
3. Push "UP" button (while still holding "Display")

4. Release "Display" button


The word "VIP" should appear. This allows the unit to be overridden and will let you go 5 degrees cooler or warmer. Most INNCOM units are preprogrammed for a range of 65-80. This will allow you to go from 60-85. I do know sometimes especially at properties in warm climates the room sometimes just will not get cool enough. I hope this helps everyone keep cool!