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Kudos to Brandon I, Operations Supervisor at the Courtyard Downtown Houston for (1) a great attitude (at a late hour) and (2) polite, prompt, and gratifying feedback/problem resolution...  Not to make it too long of a story, but, here goes:


Background: as a Marriott platinum, it irks me that we don't get free breakfast or any kind of breakfast coupon at Courtyards (but that's a long-running issue).  Grumble, grumble...  So, when I checked in (Saturday night, well after midnight) I asked for a breakfast coupon - yeah, I believe there's no harm in asking.  And I was pleased when Brandon gave me one. One is better than none, so I was happy. I presented the coupon at the Bistro Monday morning (I ate elsewhere Sunday morning) - and I enjoyed what I thought was my free coffee, fresh strawberries, and yogurt.


I left early on Tuesday, and only later realized that they charged me for the breakfast anyway when I checked out.  Granted - I admit I signed the receipt - I didn't have cash and I wanted to leave a tip the nice folks at the Bistro - I just figured they'd credit it back (and I was already thinking about work)...  Also, it was less than $10, and it's what I expect at a Courtyard, so I didn't plan to complain....


Then I received a post-stay feedback email inquiry from the property manager, Ryan F.  (Ryan said, among other things: Our goal is for you to be extremely satisfied with your overall stay. Please let me know if there is anything we could have done to make you more comfortable during your stay.  I would love to hear from you. We are continuously striving to improve customer service and the voice of our guests is our best resourceWay to go, Ryan!!!) So I relayed the story (above) and also mentioned that I thought it was a well-run property, and everyone I met there was polite, helpful, and cheerful.


Here's the relevant text from the email I promptly received from Brandon:


I am following up about the breakfast charges you received. I was actually the associate that gave you the ticket and I am sorry to hear that we charged you for it. I have rebated those charges and have attached a separate receipt for this. And I will also put 1000 bonus points into your account just for the inconvenience.


We are proud you chose us as your destination and as a valued Platinum Elite Member we owe it to you that you leave here happy!


We hope after we have been fully renovated you can come back and see us and we will absolutely roll out the red carpet for you. Any other questions feel free to call here at the property or send me an email back. Thank you again for being part of our Marriott Family!


THANKS, Brandon!  Well done!  That's what we call customer service!