Loyalty in Question?

Discussion created by ntier on Jan 23, 2014
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Over many, many years, I have always had great experiences booking through Marriot online, staying at the hotel, and receiving my points (only once having to produce a bill for an absent credit).  Recently, I had the misfortune of finding out earlier than usual that I would have to make a trip.  I say, "misfortune" , because I unknowingly booked an advanced non-refundable room.  I learned after I had cancelled with plenty of notice for Marriot to sell that room to someone else (more than 24 hours), my credit card was still charged.


I had no issue with this, because I certainly should have paid more attention when I booked my room online. Lesson learned for next time.


However, I did notice, though I was charged something like $275 for not staying at the Stamford Marriot Downtown, I also did not receive any Marriot rewards points for the privilege of donating to my favorite hotel chain.


When I called Marriot Rewards, the representative said I did not show "Loyalty" by not staying in the room.


That reasoning struck me odd...As a business owner, I would say any customer who pays me for doing absolutely nothing is pretty darn Loyal.


Just my take...but I think Marriot should reconsider it's definition of Loyalty and award points for non-refundable stays.




Bob Smith

Windham, NH