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Experiences with Room Blocks??

Question asked by lmcznf on Jan 22, 2014

I have used Marriott for business for a few years, and have been Platinum for some time. Now that my wedding is coming up, we book a block of rooms at the Residence Inn in the city that we are getting married. Since the original reservation, I've gotten multiple changes of the contact person and the most recent is Jenny M. Has anyone worked with her? I have had no success reaching her and cannot find out any information on the block of rooms. I've called the actual hotel and the platinum line. I have even written a complaint through Marriott's website and have gotten no return. Everyone refers me to her. Does anyone have any suggestions? Has anyone else had bad experience with room blocks or great? I'm almost ready to cancel the block and move to a different non-Marriott property because I'm getting very frustrated with the lack of communication.


Thanks for any advice!