MegaBonus Suggestions

Discussion created by jakeal on Jan 22, 2014
Latest reply on Jan 23, 2014 by iahflyr

With the next MegaBonus promotion getting ready to begin in a few weeks I began to think about using the current certs. I have from the last Megabonsus.  I have seen many posts about fellow MRI having trouble finding somewhere to use their certs. which got me thinking about the Pointsavers option that Marriott offers for using points.  It would be great if some Marriott hotels had off-season or down-season categories.  The one property in particular that comes to mind in the CY in Ocean City, MD.  It is a Cat. 8, but I wonder if it warrants that all year round?  I am sure there are other properties that others could name that might fall into this category.   


Or what if similar to the Marriot eBreaks email that comes out with last minute weekend deals, there was something similar for using certs. at higher category properties that have rooms available 2 - 3 days out?


My suggestions would likely be a logistical nightmare for Marriott and I do not ever see them doing something like this, but the thought came to me and I figured I would share it with MRI.