(Another) Question About Mega Bonus Promos

Discussion created by markwill on Jan 26, 2014

I previously posted this within another conversation, but thought I might get more feedback/opinions if I started my own conversation......


Here's a question to share with everyone, related to Mega Bonus "personalized" offers. I have asked Marriott Rewards about this and got a "canned" response that they would take it under advisement. I did not get the sense my question would be taken seriously. I apologize to those that may not be platinum status, and I am sorry if I appear to be "spoiled".

The question I asked was:

In the last few years I have been participating in the Mega Bonus promotions. In most instances, like the current Mega Bonus promotion ending January 15th, I achieve the maximum points well before the promo ends and continue to rack up more qualifying stays without additional reward/benefit.
I am wondering if, similar to the Roll Over nights offered on an annual basis, Marriott would consider rolling over the excess nights from one Mega Bonus promotion to the next. This would certainly act as an incentive to continue using Marriott properties even after the current Mega Bonus promotion has been achieved.
Please advise your thoughts in this regard.

At this point in my carrer, I am spending many nights on the road in Marriott properties. I guess what I am really asking is for them to personalize my Mega Bonus reward to incent me to continue to use Marriott properties after I achieve the maximum bonus. I thought my suggested solution for roll over nights to apply to the next promo was a win-win, but Marriott Rewards does not seem interested.

I am wondering what everyone else's thoughts are in this regard, and has anyone else posed the same question, and if so, what was Marriott Rewards response?

I am eager to hear from everyone.