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Family vacation driving the CA coastline?

Question asked by anothergina on Jan 19, 2014
Latest reply on Feb 10, 2014 by iahflyr

I have never taken a trip like this and I need some advise.  My partner and I are planning to take his two teenagers on a trip to California in December of 2015.  They want to fly into San Francisco and then drive the coast down to San Diego.  We will have about 10 days, and I'd like to have it mapped out so that we know where we are staying, (need two adjoining rooms), and what we are stopping to see (I also need advice on that).  Do you think I should enlist the help of a travel agent or just try to do this on my own?  I would like to use Marriott since I like having the rewards.  Has anyone done this and do you have any advice?