Somehow It's Hurt: Lost 2 one-night certificates over 5000 points question.

Discussion created by mseekz on Jan 17, 2014

It's start with my mega bonus for spring 2014 did not show up and I read this post in insider.

Insiders Exclusive: Details on the Upcoming Spring 2014 MegaBonus


So I'm curious why my mega bonus did not show up. I always get either 2 1-5 cat certificates for 4 stays or 50000 points for 25 days.


For Fall 2013, I got promotion with 2 1-5 certificates for 4 stays and I called to MR to request to change it to 50000 points. MR rep was very nice and agree to track it manually and will add the points to my accounts after promotion ended. I stayed 78 days over last 75 days of promotion period. How? I rent RI monthly and didn't check-out when I had 1-2 days vacation elsewhere.

On 1/16/2014, Miracle happened. 50000 points were added to my account and 2 1-5 cat certificates still there. MR was so generous.


Back to my curiosity for spring 2014 mega bonus, today I called to ask about new mega bonus promotion.

MR rep said that I am on 50k points for 25 days.which is good but there is someone in the forum that got 55k promotion so I asked whether I can switch to that one.

The answer is simply NO and by the ways we found that we didn't take away your 2 certificates yet. Few seconds later 2 certificates were gone.


It's the right thing for MR to do but somehow it is so hurtful.