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Discussion created by anadyr on Jan 17, 2014
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Did that grab your attention?

Sure hope so. But I really wanted to talk about the stony silence from Marriott Rewards and Marriott about the forthcoming "enhancements" to the program, assuming there will be some, or many for 2014.  Like the notice I got for our daughter's healthcare insurance that it was so enhanced that I was able to have half the coverage, double the deductible, and at only twice the 2013 cost!  What a deal!!!


My guess is that we will see:


  1. New category levels required for points redemption; category nine is so last year (I know there is a chance we'll see 11 or 12 but why be greedy?)
  2. Annual room spending requirements (the airlines have discovered that people need to spend money and United and others have instituted annual spending requirements for status)
  3. Non-blackout blackout dates (wait, we already have them)
  4. Pay bathrooms in sleeping rooms (don't laugh) A quarter for Silver Elites, etc.
  5. New speaking-to-an-associate-fee (a lot of banks already do this)
  6. Google glasses 'virtual housekeeping'--wearing these you will think you room as been cleaned when it actually was not.
  7. Virtual upgrades--using those same glasses your room will actually resemble the Presidential Suite
  8. Enhanced hotel parking fees for both valet and self-park based on the retail value of your vehicle, inverse based on MPG of course!
  9. Concierge Lounge parolee-style ankle bracelets, attached at check in and used for CL admission, delivering a mild shock if you bring in too many guests or unruly children, or both.
  10. And, the end of the program (check out the terms and conditions, it could happen)