Jan M. Social Media Customer Care

Discussion created by williston on Jan 17, 2014
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I would like to nominate Jan M. from Social Media Customer care for her outstanding customer service.  I had an issue with Marriott Customer Care associates that were ill informed and rude.  I had tried to resolve the issue to no avail. I was helped from this forum by being put in touch with Jan who was soooo helpful.  I was atthe point of switching to Hilton because of the way I had been treated. Jan dealt with the issue and put me in touchith the manager of the two associates who had been rude. I received a full apology which was all I was looking for.  I'm lifetime Platinum and PPE and have never experienced such a helpful member of staff. Jan you were a breath of fresh air and through your actions have generated $20,000+ per annum for your company in revenues from my stays.  I'd like to thank you and hope that Marriott rewards you in some way. You are a star and I am very grateful for your efforts.