Peace, quiet, a place to walk, think and find relaxation

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Hello my lovely Insiders,


Your resident Brit here.  I simply must tell you all about this place, I often walk my dogs there (although it is a car journey away).  Layer Marney is in the county of Essex and can be reached via public transport from London or alternatively - there is one of my beloved Marriotts in the town of Colchester, so worth an overnight stay to experience one of the many pubs in the area if you wanted to head back to London or somewhere else in the morning.


I was just thinking about taking the dogs there this weekend as it is my place of sanctuary away from the hustle and bustle and I suddenly thought why not share this beautiful location with the Insiders, albeit virtually.


The Tudor tower is wonderful for taking a picnic and just chilling too and as I said before, the walks will de-stress more than anything.  Isn't it strange when we have things on our doorstep and we forget to pass on their worth and value.  No bright lights or noise in Layer Marney I'm afraid but spiritually, it works wonders.


If I think of any other little gems I'll let you know.



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