Anyone Frustrated by Pre-Paid Room Booking Process?

Discussion created by imjohnhime on Jan 16, 2014
Latest reply on Apr 13, 2014 by erc

Recently I have booked rooms via only to find out upon check-in that I have booked a reduced pre-paid rate and paid all room charges in advance.   I have not notice anything during the booking process to indicate that I am selecting a pre-paid rate.  This has not been a problem for me yet, but as a business traveler my plans frequently change at the last minute.  If I book one of these rates in the future and then can't cancel my room (per the conditions of the pre-paid rate) I am not going to be happy.


I am sure there is some indicator during the booking process that states this is a non-cancellable rate, but it needs to be made more obvious: a pop-up window with an acceptance checkbox would be a good idea. 


Anyone one else frustrated with this?  Anyone else been burned by having to pay for a room you didn't want?