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Putting away the Ritz

Question asked by sacerdos15 on Jan 14, 2014

Awhile ago I was browsing the various marriott hotels in southern Florida.To mysurprise the palm beach (manlapan) had ceased being a Ritz-Carlton and had become part of a group of hotels I never heard of.I had stayed there twice and enjoyed the hotel very muchnow its is no longer the ritz.Together with the loss of the eden roc and some time ago the casa marina in Key West the marriott portfolio has gotten smaller-at least for upscale hotels in south florida.Yesterday when searching for a hotel in the caribbean I noticed there were none in Jamaica.I had thought there were two-the ritz and a rennaisance. There now are none.I looked in vain for the rose hall Ritz Carlten and its now another chain.Insiders a few days ago asked the question,"where should marriott buld a new hotel'.I would profer a different question--when will marriott begin to do what it can to keep those hotels they have?