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Renaissance Vendome Paris and platinum perks

Question asked by rhoke813 on Jan 13, 2014
Latest reply on Mar 15, 2014 by antlifp

Hello everyone!


Been off this site for awhile but found it to be very helpful. Last year when I was deciding between Marriott C-E and Ren Vendome for our anniversary trip I let hubby decide and we chose Marriott C-E. It was nice although loud, a lot of activity and until I got an upgrade to a junior suite the "deluxe" C-E view room was tiny and underwhelming.


We are going back in June and I decided to stay this time at the Renaissance Vendome. I have booked us in a junior suite because I don't want to try to play the "upgrade" game during peak season. I have emailed the hotel several times requesting at least an upgrade to the junior suite with a terrace so hopefully will get that but have yet to get a response. If anyone has any direct contact with people from the hotel they can pass along that would be fantastic.


Also I read on TA that platinum members don't get breakfast here anymore? Can someone confirm with me if that is true? I really hope not. If that's the case we may have to go back to the C-E but I'd rather not. Any help here is very much appreciated!