Why do their phones just go off?

Discussion created by syncster2003 on Jan 11, 2014

I have called Marriott three times today, to change a reservation and then speak with Marriott Rewards.  Each time, during the transition from the reservations to the Rewards rep. something happened and the line eventually started the annoying fast/loud beeping signal. I decided the last time it's not worth calling back


Look Marriott...I used Hilton happily for the last 7 years. I stayed at one of your hotels and they indicated I didn't know what I was missing...and that Marriott would honor my "Diamond" status immediately, and as long as I stayed 9 nights would be permanent.


Guess, what....un-impressive to date. The Challenge doesn't let me use Platinum status (which is not what I was told), and if the phones continue to hangup automatically, it seems something is quite out of sorts.


The hotel rooms are not better either, especially when I don't get upgraded automatically, like I did with Hilton.