Day Trips from Paris

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Hi all,

My efforts to post under the previous Paris travelogue failed with pics so I'm starting a new one. These are from Rouen -- I can't find photos of the restaurant I keep coming to from Paris for lunch, but the first is the archeological ruins of Saint-Sauveur in the Old Market and the extension of the new Jeanne d'Arc church. The second features some of the medieval streets through which Joan passed en route to her execution in the Old Market. You can tell authenticity of this late medieval style of building by whether or not everything is neat and even (if so, it's modern, like some in the 1st photo; if it's crooked and slanting there's a good chance it dates from the 14th or 15th C.) The third is the Gros Horloge, or clock tower, that gets you into the main part of the city, from 1389; the final one is alas, that awful new Viking Jeanne d'Arc church, but with an area called Le Bûcher, which means stake.  Actually, Joan was burned about 10 yds from there at what is now the base of a giant cross.  And don't forget to have lunch or dinner at the Couronne d'Or.100_1514_1.JPG100_1640_1.JPG100_1510_1.JPG