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The best Restaurant in my Home Town is...

Question asked by anadyr on Jan 11, 2014
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New challenge for a new year:  Give me a review of the best place to dine where you live, not where you've been. Price, presentation, quality of food, etc., all count for your review.


My choice for the Monterey Peninsula would be Passionfish in Pacific Grove: an excellent selection of fine wines at virtually NO markup over retail, staff that knows them all by heart, seafood that is expertly prepared and fresh at reasonable prices--what's not to love?I gave them all 28's for Zagat, 30 being the highest. 

One pricey example is the Grenache Blend called Saxum (Paso Robles) from James Berry Vineyards.  Winner of the Wine Spectator award for best wine a few years ago, it retails for 95 at auction and Passionfish sells it for drinking at 116!


Your can be long or short, but if we all do this we'll have a culinary guide to the world