Platinum Elite Upgrades Downgraded (?) at Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas (2014)

Discussion created by yosof on Jan 11, 2014
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Question: Are Platinum's still being upgraded to the one bedroom at the Cosmo?


Or, is that considered "too many levels above"


Changes (December 2013) -

They got rid of the Lounge on the 16th floor.

They also got rid of tea/coffee in the VIP checkin.

Platinum checkin was combined with VIP checkin.




Experience today on a last minute booking:


On checking in, I asked if it's going to be the usual one bedroom suite. I've stayed at the Cosmo for around 20 nights the last year and was upgraded to a one bedroom each time, except in December when the above changes were made. The checkin attendant called some sort of manager and was told that it was not possible to upgrade, even if I paid extra.


There were still suites available on the Marriott app and on Marriott.com... (Thought: what if I booked a suite.. I did not want to go through the hassle of the Platinum guarantee.)


It was difficult to talk to the manager(?) on duty - Galvin. He kept quoting policy, and seemed to have trouble listening. He really does not seem like he should be in hospitality, much less at a manager level. It was more than a lack of empathy. I found it especially rude that when I asked about how I've been upgraded to a one bedroom for my past 20+ nights here already, he said something along the lines of, "We can't go and upgrade _everyone_ to a presidential suite..." I wasn't asking to be upgraded to a presidential suite (the Cosmo doesn't actually have a room with this name, AFAIK), but simply my usual one bedroom. He really did not seem to value me as a regular. So, I told him I would go elsewhere.


Shortly after, as I was gathering my luggage and escorting my two friends out (yes, it's sad to know that the one time I invited friends to stay with me, I'd be treated so horribly)... Another guest else came to the Platinum checkin to complain about her room and was upgraded.