VPN Internet Access being blocked at Grande Vista, Orlando

Discussion created by howardeichenwald on Jan 9, 2014

I recently stayed at the Grande Vista in Orlando Florida.  It happens to be a Marriott vacation property.


Great location, staff was excellent, beautiful grounds, close to Disney Village, and Disney Parks.  This is the

third or fourth time I stayed at Grande Vista.  I've also stayed at other Marriott properties in Orlando.


I travel with my laptop computer because I occasionally need to work remotely and connect to a client

back home.   Regular internet for e-mail and surfing is fine - no problems.  But I received an e-mail from

a client with a problem, so I needed to make a VPN connection to the clients computer to review the

situation.   The connection would not take, I called the front desk, and the answer to my being unable to

VPN connect was we have Wi-Fi that works.  I hauled my laptop to the front desk and asked to speak with

the manager on duty,   The manager called up the "local guru" on staff and he explained that to get a VPN

connection I needed to contact the local Orlando internet provider, he gave me a phone number and

account number to reference.  I called the number from back at my room, got passed from one customer service

person to another until I was told that they do not provide a VPN access from Grande Vista.  In fact they had it blocked.

When I had previous visits to the Grande Vista I was able to do a VPN connection and get done what was necessary for a client.    


I killed two hours to find out that a VPN connection was not available.   So I packed up the computer again, got in the car

and drove to the Fairfield Inn about 5 minutes by car down the road.   I told the clerk on duty I was staying at the Grande Vista,

showed my key and mentioned that I was unable to VPN connect to the internet from Grande Vista. .  I sat in a corner of the lobby,

fired up my laptop got onto the hotels Internet, and within a few minutes I was able to get the VPN connection to access my clients machine.

30 to 45  minutes later I was finished.   I packed up, thanked the clerk and went back to Grande Vista.


This past year I stayed at Marriott properties across the US and in a number of cites in Europe.  This was the only location where 

I was unable to make a VPN connection.   If the Fairfield Inn, full service locations, Courtyards, residence Inns, Marriott European

locations, McDonalds, Wendys, Orlando airport, etc offer wifi and the ability do a VPN, why doesn't the Grande Vista?